Paragliding Season

Tandem paragliding is possible all year round, weather permitting. Without any previous experience on your part, you can enjoy spectacular views over the mountains and lakes with your expert pilot. Tandem flights require no training and there are almost no restrictions.

Age & Weight

Anyone from 4 to 95 years can come and fly with us. Weight limit is 100kg / 220lbs. We reserve the right to reduce our maximum weight to the actual weather situation.

What to bring

Please dress in accordance with the weather conditions on the day. Sturdy footwear and jackets will be provided if needed. Sunglasses can be worn whilst in the air and they will not fall off during your flight. Small daypacks, handbags and other small items will be securely looked after by us and returned to you immediately after landing.

Mobile Phones & Cameras

Small compact cameras may be used during the flight, your pilot is equipped to attach the camera securely to your harness. Mobile phones and any camera with a removable lens cannot be securely attached to the flying harness and are forbidden while in the air as we fly over populated areas. You may bring these to take-off but they must be securely stowed by your pilot for the duration of the flight.

Photo & Video Service

We offer an optional photo and video service in full HD quality. Your pilot will copy the footage on to a USB pen drive right after the flight.

Take-off & Landing

Run a couple of steps down a gentle slope, the glider fills with air and carries you and your pilot smoothly into the air. Just before landing, you get into an upright position and then land gently on your feet. Our landing field is in the centre of Interlaken, where your flying experience with us ends.

Pick-up & Transport

We offer a free pick-up service from anywhere in the Interlaken area. Transport to the take-off point is included in the ticket price for our flights from Beatenberg.