Airplane Skydiving

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CHF 395.–

Interlaken / 45 s free fall / 4000 m

An unforgettable tandem jump with magnificent panoramic views of the Swiss Alps. An experienced and specially trained skydiver will take you on a unique adventure. A 15 min ascent by plane takes you to 4000 m altitude. The door opens, your heart pounds, adrenaline shoots through your veins, one deep breath and out you jump. 40 seconds of free fall and a maximum speed of 200 km/h, what a feeling! Photo and video service available.


Including: certified Tandem Master and transportation
Meeting point: at your hotel in Interlaken and surroundings or upon request
Times: daily, depending on the weather
Season: year round
Duration: 4 hrs
What to bring: comfortable clothing, sturdy shoes
Weight: maximum 105 kg / 230 lbs

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