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Soft Adventure

Gentle adventures and pure enjoyment

Are you on the lookout for an outdoor adventure promising a taste of thrill and alot of enjoyment? That’s exactly what our soft adventures offer! No matter if you are weightlessly floating along with a paraglider or hangglider or going for a fast ride on the Lake of Brienz in the Jetboat, you are bound to have a great time!


Tandem Paragliding Flight The Sensational

Beatenberg - Interlaken / 10 - 30 min airtime / 1370 m

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This flight combines everything you have ever dreamed of: the freedom of flying, an unbeatable view of the snow-covered peaks, Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau as well as a taste of adrenaline!

Tandem Paragliding Flight The Thermal

Beatenberg - Interlaken / 30 - 45 min airtime / 1500 m

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Maximize your tandem flight and airtime by booking our thermal flight. Enjoy a breathtaking scenic flight over the world famous Jungfrau region.


Beatenberg - Interlaken / 20 min airtime / 1370 m

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Enjoy a fast and dynamic flight over Interlaken from a bird's eye view!


Bönigen / 2 hrs on the water

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Paddle along on the turquoise blue waters of the Lake of Brienz and discover one of Switzerland's nicest destinations.


Interlaken - Bönigen / 50 min on the lake

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Experience an unforgettable and exciting boat ride on the Lake of Brienz!