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  • Beatenberg - Interlaken / 10 - 30 min airtime / 1370 m

    This paragliding flight combines everything you have ever dreamed of: the freedom of flying, an unbeatable view of the snow-covered peaks, Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau as well as a taste of adrenaline!

    From 160 CHF

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  • Beatenberg - Interlaken / 30 - 45 min airtime / 1500 m

    Maximize your paragliding tandem flight and airtime by booking our thermal flight. Enjoy a breathtaking scenic flight over the world famous Jungfrau region.

    220 CHF

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All you need to know

Corona Questions2020-08-19T09:09:46+02:00

Our protection concept requires the following in order to ensure a safe and relaxing flight during COVID-19: please bring your own shoes, sunglasses, windbreaker and if possible a helmet.

Wearing a mask in the bus is mandatory, we will hand out free masks. At the moment, no pick-up service is available, please come directly to our meeting point  (open map) in front of Grand Café Restaurant Schuh (directly next to our landing field at the Höhematte).

Download Safety Plan as PDF

Is a tandem paragliding flight safe?2020-08-19T08:58:33+02:00

The Swiss Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (SHPA) is responsible for the regulated and safe implementation of hang gliding and paragliding in Switzerland on behalf of the Federal Office for Civil Aviation (FOCA). All our tandem pilots have extensive training and have successfully completed the demanding exams of the SHPA. Condition and safety of the required equipment is checked strictly and on a regular basis by experts.

Is there an age limit?2020-08-19T09:03:35+02:00

Our flights are for anyone between 4 and 95 years of age. The passenger must be physically fit and be able to run a few fast steps at take off.

Is there a weight limit?2020-08-19T09:06:22+02:00

Our maximum weight limit is 100kg / 220lbs. For early morning or evening flights, it is 80kg / 176lbs. We reserve the right to adjust the maximum weight depending on the weather conditions.

How do I order photos and videos?2020-08-19T09:09:01+02:00

Your pilot will shoot photos and videos in HD quality during your flight. You may purchase the package for CHF 40 after landing. The data will be uploaded directly to your phone or copied to a USB Stick.

Can I bring my camera/mobile phone?2020-08-19T09:11:15+02:00

You may use your camera/mobile phone at take off. For safety reasons, these devices may NOT be used during the flight. We make an exception for small compact cameras, which can be attached to your harness.

What should I wear?2020-08-19T09:13:19+02:00

Dress according to the weather conditions. Wear sturdy shoes with sturdy soles (hiking shoes or sneakers). Even in summer a sweater or windbreaker can protect you from the wind. You may wear sunglasses during your flight. 

Can I bring a daypack?2020-08-19T08:59:50+02:00

Small daypacks, handbags as well as other small objects can be left safely with us and picked up after landing.

Can we fly all year round?2020-08-19T09:16:03+02:00

Provided that flight conditions are good, we fly all year round. We reserve the right to cancel in the case of bad weather (strong winds, storms, rain, heavy snowfall, low visibility etc.).

Do I need previous experience?2020-08-19T09:17:36+02:00

No, not at all! Your certified pilot will give you a thorough instruction and is concerned about your safety.

How to take off and land?2020-08-19T09:20:06+02:00

Your pilot gets you ready for your flight at take off and explains the procedure. 1,2 and 3… a few fast steps and you are up in the air. After your spectacular flight, you will land gently on your feet on our landing field in the center of Interlaken.

How do I get to take off?2020-08-19T09:21:58+02:00

We will pick you up at the agreed meeting point. Transportation to take off in Beatenberg is included in the price.

What if the weather is bad?2020-08-19T09:24:44+02:00

Should our experienced pilots rate the weather as unsafe to fly, we will contact you before your flight. Please be aware that this decision is made for safety reasons and can be made last minute. You have the possibility to rebook your flight or get a full refund.

Can my family watch?2020-08-19T09:26:19+02:00

We recommend spectators wait at our landing field. Non-flying passengers are not allowed to go to take off.