What is the best season for a tandem paragliding flight in Switzerland?

Switzerland with its Alps is the perfect place for a tandem paragliding flight! Interlaken in particular is a popular and well-known flying area. Protected by the surrounding four-thousand-meter peaks, there are almost always good flying conditions here. Flying takes place all year round and every season has its charm.


In order to rise up higher, thermals are needed, i.e. warm rising air. Due to the temperature differences in the different layers of air, thermals are strongest in spring. If you have in mind to fly as long as possible and maybe even play with the idea of booking double flying time, then this is your season! Just wear a warm jacket and maybe even gloves – it could get quite chilly way up high. For those who are not comfortable with the altitude, don’t worry! We will adjust the flights according to your comfort.

This speaks in favour of a flight in Spring:

+ long flights thanks to strong thermals!
+ green fields with a backdrop of snowy mountains
+ less tourists in Interlaken


Summer is a great season for a tandem paragliding flight in Switzerland! While warm, sometimes even hot temperatures prevail in the valley, it is pleasantly cool in the air. Depending on the weather, our standard flight (up to 20 minutes flying time) or a thermal flight (up to 45 minutes flying time) is possible. Morning and evening flights also have a special charm at this time of year. Early in the morning, when the town is still asleep, we drive to the launch site. While the first rays of sun are peaking over the mountains, we fly towards the famous trio of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau.

For those who are more enthusiastic about sunsets, our evening flight is the right choice! As the sun disappears behind the mountains, casting a warm glow on Lake Thun, we take the last gentle thermals of the day and let the magic wash over us.

This speaks for a flight in summer:
+ possible to fly in shorts and a t-shirt
+ on hot days: enjoy cooling off in the air!
+ great morning and evening flights


As soon as the cows move back down to the valley in September, the autumn feeling sets in. The excitement of summer subsides, fewer tourists stroll through Interlaken and everything seems quieter. On our autumn flights you can admire the colorful leaves of the trees from close up and often enjoy fantastic visibility and snow-covered mountains. Since the temperature difference in the layers of air is no longer as pronounced as in spring and summer, the air rises less quickly. Thermals now become gentler and long flights less frequent. If you are still interested in a thermal flight, discuss the possibilities with our office team.

This speaks for an flight in Autumn:

+ great visibility
+ gentle thermals = gentle flights
+ colorful leaves


You love the winter and there is nothing more beautiful for you than a snow-covered landscape? Then this is the season for your tandem paragliding flight! We briefly trudge through the snow to the launch site (wear good shoes!) and then take off! All wrapped up in warm clothes, you overlook the winter wonderland below from your first-class seat . Turquoise-blue Lake Thun glistens in front of the white snowy mountains and everything seems almost a bit kitsch. Depending on the weather conditions, we fly between 10 and 20 minutes before landing in Interlaken. Our recommendation afterwards: a warm, hot Swiss chocolate in the Café Schuh restaurant right next to the landing site!

This speaks for a flight in Winter:

+ fabulous winter wonderland
+ snowy mountains as far as the eye can see
+ warming up afterwards is twice as cozy!