Activities in Interlaken

The best activities in the Swiss Alps

Located at the foot of the Alps, lying between two lakes, Interlaken offers easy access to some of the best summer activities in Switzerland. Experience unforgettable fun and action during a tandem paragliding flight over Interlaken, an action-loaded canyoning adventure, fun on the jetboat or a wild ride on the river while river rafting


Flight duration: 10 to 20 minutes
Do you like the idea of being hundreds of feet in the air flying dynamically through the sky? Then hang-gliding might be for you! Enjoy a bird’s eye view of pristine lakes and snow-capped mountains as you soar over Interlaken.
230.00 CHF


2 hrs Kayak Trip
Are you looking for a different experience in the Swiss Alps? Then this guided kayak tour on Lake Brienz might be something for you! While paddling leisurely through the turquoise waters, you can take in the magnificent mountain scenery that surrounds Switzerland's most beautiful lake.
105.00 CHF


50 min on the lake
Take a seat in our jetboat and enjoy an exciting ride on Lake Brienz with fast curves and 360° turns!!! This fast-paced, but family-friendly ride promises 30km of fun and action amidst a magnificent landscape. See the 14 cascades of the Giessbach Falls plunging 500 meters into the lake and marvel at the Swiss Alps from the boat.
99.00 CHF

Canyon Swing

90m jump into a canyon
You stand on a platform 90 meters above the ground and look down into the depths. Between narrow rock walls, the Lütschine rushes with thunderous force. 3..2...1 JUMP - you jump, and free fall into the gorge.. The rope catches you and you swing back and forth between the narrow canyon walls at 120 km/h - sound like your perfect adventure?
149.00 CHF

Bungy Jump

134m jump
The Bungy Jump on the Stockhorn is one of the most breathtaking and unusual bungy places in the world. A mountain gondola takes you 134 meters above an alpine lake. There it stops and the doors open. Your Jumpmaster checks your equipment one last time and gives you the the green light for jumping. You leap forward and free fall towards the mountain lake. Enjoy the rush of a lifetime before you are brought back to the ground.
229.00 CHF

Helicopter Skydiving

45s free fall / 4000m
Dare to jump over the Swiss Alps once in your life? Skydiving from a helicopter is an unforgettable experience! After a short sightseeing flight you jump together with a professional tandem pilot from the helicopter into pure, exhilarating freefall.
475.00 CHF

Airplane Skydiving

45s free fall / 4000 m
For adrenaline junkies, an Airplane Skydive over the Swiss Alps is a MUST! And the trip is a 3-in-1 adventure: a sightseeing flight with a view of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau followed by an exhilarating free fall, and ending with a peaceful flight under canopy.
420.00 CHF

River Rafting Simme

1.5 - 2 hrs on the river / Easy
River rafting on the Simme lets you float on a gentle river of whitewater level II-III. Gentle waves and rapids make this adventure an experience for nearly everyone. It is a great day out for groups and families.
139.00.00 CHF

River Rafting Lütschine

2 hrs on the river / Intermediate
Do you like it wild? Then river rafting on the Lütschine is just the thing for you! This class III-VI white-water river offers probably the best rafting in the Swiss Alps. Rapids and waves promise an action-packed ride on the raft, which is accompanied by a safety kayak.
149.00.00 CHF

Canyoning Chli Schliere

3 - 4 hrs in the canyon / Advanced
The Canyoning Chli Schliere tour is the most challenging canyon you can do with us! A massive gorge, high jumps, rappels and naturally formed rock slides promise the ultimate adventure in the Swiss Alps. Only for good swimmers and sporty people who are looking for a challenge!
229.00.00 CHF

Canyoning Grimsel

1.5 - 2 hrs in the canyon / Intermediate
Canyoning Grimsel is for everyone who is looking for a tingling outdoor experience in the most beautiful alpine landscape! A 50-meter abseil, rock slides, jumps and a tyrolienne promise pure adventure!
179.00.00 CHF

Canyoning Interlaken

1.5 hrs in the canyon / Easy
Our canyoning Interlaken tour is perfect for you if you want to try canyoning for the first time. The canyon is only 10 minutes away from Interlaken. With moderate jumps, a rappelling point and small slides- here you can try everything at an easy level.
149.00.00 CHF