Tandem Pilot in Interlaken

Well trained for the safety of our guests

Interlaken is one of the top flying areas in the world. In front of the breathtaking panorama of the famous peaks of Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau you will find ideal flying conditions almost all year round. Word has long since spread around the world that you can fulfill one of your big dreams on your bucket list here: take a paragliding flight.

And so not only local pilots regularly rev up to the cloud base, but also tourists flying in the passenger seat high above Interlaken and enjoying the best view of the Swiss Alps. To experience a tandem flight as a guest, you need one thing above all: a professional tandem pilot.

What qualifications must a tandem pilot have in Switzerland?

In Switzerland we have very strict regulations on who can be certified as a tandem pilot and make commercial flights. Any pilot flying with a passenger must be certified by the Swiss Hang Gliding Association (SHPA). The SHPA is the association that conducts pilot exams and issues federal certificates on behalf of the Federal Office of Civil Aviation.

This ensures that every commercial pilot undergoes multi-level training and has the necessary skills and formalities.

Skywings Pilot prepares passenger for flight

What are the requirements to become a tandem pilot?

Anyone who wants to become a tandem pilot, must first make the brevet to the solo pilot. Only after you have gained at least 2 years of intensive flight experience, you can start the training to become a biplace pilot (tandem pilot). A compulsory safety course and a further examination as a solo pilot follow before you are allowed to make your high altitude flights with a passenger. At least 50 such flights must be completed under the trained eyes of a flight instructor from an SHPA recognized flight school. In addition, a “passenger care” course must be taken and a theory examination passed before one can register for the final practical examination.

Full focus: Skywings Pilot taking off

Experience and expertise

The tandem pilots flying for Skywings Paragliding have all undergone the SHPA’s rigorous training. Depending on whether they are employed full or part time, they complete between 500 and 1000 tandem flights per year. In addition, they are also passionate about flying in their free time and are accumulating more hours in the air. In addition to outstanding flying skills, each of them has extensive weather knowledge to make the right decisions in difficult flying conditions. We are extremely proud of our international team, which includes paragliding world champions, record holders and successful Hike & Fly athletes.