Discover the Best November Activities in Interlaken

Are you thinking about visiting Interlaken in November? You might be wondering, “What are the things to do in Interlaken in November?” Well, November is kind of like Interlaken’s hidden gem. Sure, it’s the off-season, and there are fewer outdoor activities on the menu, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, it can be a real blessing in disguise!

Embrace Swiss Autumn Adventures

Swiss autumn is a captivating time to immerse yourself in the great outdoors. The landscapes burst into life with a colorful symphony of changing leaves, creating a perfect setting for hiking, paragliding, and mountain escapades. Don’t miss this ideal season to revel in nature’s beauty. We’ve curated the top outdoor activities for your November getaway, ensuring an unforgettable experience.

1. Hike in Autumn Beauty

The crisp autumn air and the beautiful foliage make November a superb month for hiking in Interlaken. The trails are less crowded, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the stunning Swiss landscape. There are countless hiking trails in and around Interlaken. In November, many mountain cable cars may be closed. However, if you still want to reach the top of a mountain and rely on cable car support, we recommend hiking Harder Kulm, Interlaken’s iconic house mountain.

Hiking Harder Kulm in Interlaken is a fantastic adventure, but you gotta be ready to break a sweat. The trail’s about 2.5 kilometers long, and it’s not a walk in the park. We’re talking steep terrain, so you definitely need a decent level of fitness. But hey, the effort is totally worth it. You’ll climb around 700 meters in altitude, and it’ll take you roughly 2-3 hours to get to the summit. Once you’re up there, there’s a sweet restaurant where you can refuel and enjoy the best views of Interlaken. If you want a different perspective on the way down, you can catch the funicular. It’s a bit pricey though, at around 17 Swiss Francs one way (CHF 34 for a round trip). But hey, who can put a price on those epic memories!

Hiking Route

The hiking trail is well-marked from the base station of Harder Kulm. You can find the mapped route and a detailed description of the route on Outdooractive.

Alternative: If you prefer an easier hike, you can use the funicular for both ways and do the circular walk on top.

Online Ticket and train schedule

The funicular is operational until November 26 2023 before it goes into its winter break. You can find the exact schedule and the option to purchase an online ticket on the Jungfrau railway website.

Hiking Harder Kulm in autumn allows you to fully immerse yourself in the beauty of nature

2. magical autumn Paragliding

So, picture this: you’re up there in the sky, surrounded by the Swiss Alps, and it’s one of those experiences you won’t soon forget. Even in November, paragliding is a thing in Interlaken, and it’s your golden ticket to soak in those jaw-dropping Swiss Alpine views. The cooler temps? They add a refreshing zing to the whole adventure. And as the autumn leaves give way to winter’s first dusting of snow, you get a front-row seat to nature’s own art show. There are pro tandem paragliding pilots to keep you safe while ensuring that the thrill factor is cranked up to the max. All snuggled up in warm clothes, you’ll feel like you’re floating through a Swiss fairytale.

Paragliding high above Interlaken in November promises to be a fantastic autumn adventure

3. Dreamy Lake thun Cruise

A Lake Thun cruise in November – it’s like stepping into a scene from a dream. As autumn starts doing its graceful exit, the lake transforms into this tranquil masterpiece. The mountains? Well, they’ve got a dusting of that first snow, and it’s like nature’s own Instagram filter. On the boat, you’re in for some cozy vibes. The whole vibe is pure peace and quiet. Best part? You can savor a hot drink while taking in those jaw-dropping views. It’s basically Mother Nature’s way of saying, “Come chill with me.”

The boat departs daily from Interlaken West to Thun. You can find the exact schedule here.

Relax and take in the enchanting landscapes around Lake Thun during a leisurely lake cruise

4. Winter Kayaking on lake brienz

Winter kayaking in Interlaken? You bet! November might bring a chill, but it’s also the perfect time to grab a kayak and hit the water. The serene lakes, framed mountains, create a stunning backdrop. Don’t worry about the cold – just bundle up, and you’re good to go. Paddling through the crisp air, surrounded by nature, is an experience like no other. Plus, with fewer crowds, you’ve got the whole place to yourself. So, if you’re up for a unique adventure and a whole lot of tranquility, winter kayaking in Interlaken is an absolute must-try!

Kayaking on Lake Brienz in winter offers one of the most distinctive ways to discover the Swiss Alps in November.

5. Jungfrau Region Exploration

Now, if you’re up for some more adventure, a trip to the Jungfrau region is an absolute must. It’s like stepping into a postcard with charming villages and views that’ll make your jaw drop. And guess what? The train to Jungfraujoch is running all-year round, making it a breeze to reach the “Top of Europe.” You’ll wind your way through quaint villages, surrounded by those iconic Swiss peaks. At Jungfraujoch, you’re on top of the world, quite literally. The air’s cold, and the views are out of this world. It’s the kind of journey that turns travelers into storytellers. Go on, make this part of your Swiss adventure – you won’t regret it.

You find the schedule for Jungfraujoch here. The ticket can be either purchased online or at the ticket counter at Interlaken Ost or West railway stations.

Jungfraujoch, the Top of Europe at 3,463 meters, offers stunning views year-round

So, there you have it – Interlaken in November might offer fewer activities, but it more than makes up for it with a serene atmosphere, fewer crowds, and even better prices. It’s the perfect time for travelers who crave a quieter, more authentic Swiss experience. Don’t let the off-season deter you; embrace the opportunity and create your own unforgettable Interlaken memories.