About us

Experience and Safety

With over 30 years of experience, Skywings Paragliding is able to offer the highest level of security and professionalism. We set trust, safety and your own comfort as the number one priority to ensure excellent service and supreme quality. We strive to cater to your specific needs and give you a once in the lifetime experience. Our passion is our profession, we’d love to share our love of flying with you!

The tandem paragliding experts

All our tandem pilots are certified by the Swiss Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (SHPA), and have undergone extensive training and examinations. In addition, our pilots are also distinguished by their enormous paragliding know-how and superb flying skills. A highly motivated, international team is looking forward to accompanying you before, during and after your tandem paragliding flight.

Tandem Pilots

You want to know who you are flying with? Read more about the pilots.


Roli founded Skywings Paragliding together with his wife and brother in 2008, turning his passion into his profession. Even after 25 years of paragliding, there is nothing better for him than discovering the world from the air. As an enthusiastic mountain climber, he ends every hike and every summit attempt with a flight down to the valley. The experienced tandem pilot gives his passengers a safe and unforgettable experience in the air!


Stefan is one of the founders of Skywings and an absolute paragliding crack. In 2015, he was World Champion at the Paragliding World Cup and won the title of Swiss Champion 5 times. Despite his achievements in competitions, what he loves most about flying is the feeling of freedom, the magnificent views and the tranquility. When you fly with Stef, you fly with a winner!


The former Speedflying Swiss Champion loves extreme sports – faster, higher and further is his motto regardless if on skis, speedflying, wingsuiting, kitesurfing or biking. One of his projects in 2019 was the Climb, Ski and Fly Tour on the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. He skied and climbed to the summits and flew down by paraglider. With his calculated and calm manner, Flo is definitely one of the most experienced tandem pilots on the field!


As his name suggests, Anders is originally from Norway. His love for high mountains eventually brought him to Switzerland. As a former competition pilot, he has a number of top rankings in PWC (Paragliding World Cup) races. Today, he spends most of his free time ski touring, mountaineering and on hike & fly trips. Flying with Anders means trusting a very experienced tandem pilot with exceptional skills.


Remo is one of the pioneers of the sport, he already got his paragliding licence in 1989. Back then, he flew his first cross-country flights in wild and remote areas in New Zealand together with other local paragliding heroes. What he appreciates most is the simplicity of the sport. With only a backpack on your back, you’re ready for your flying adventure. Take off, enjoy freedom, land and have solid ground under your feet again. Remo knows how to convey the beauty of paragliding to his passengers like no one else.


Märki (Markus) got a taste for flying in the early days of paragliding. Around 1993, he summited the Jungfrau with two friends and had to watch as they happily took off for a flight back to the valley and he took the long journey back by foot. A year later, he acquired his paragliding licence and has since flown down from countless peaks. Flying is an absolute privilege for Märki – one he loves sharing with his passengers!


For Stephan, flying is a way of life. Along with his paraglider he has traveled the world and made many a good friend. He has been flying for 30 years and has done hundreds of unique flights. When he’s not soaring through the air, you can find him on the water in his sea kayak. A paragliding flight with Portner means hearing many a story and having a lot of fun in the air!


Low and high pressure, Bise and Foehn…should there be any uncertainties about the weather, David is our man! The experienced paragliding pilot loves to take off from a mountain, fly into the unknown and land somewhere he has never been before. Being one with nature, playing with the wind and the clouds – he couldn’t imagine a better hobby or profession. One of his greatest flights was probably when he flew over the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau during a tandem flight with his wife. Whoever is lucky enough to fly with David is in safe hands!


When Sebi flies, he is in his element. No one else loves his sport and his job as much as he does. He has been flying since 14 years of age and does it as often as possible. He has flown over 400 kilometers in Brazil 11 times and has ranked in the top 4 in various paragliding competitions. As a native Colombian, he has found a cooler but equally beautiful second home in Switzerland. Sebi’s life motto “WHAT A LIFE” explains how a tandem flight with him feels: an indescribable, unforgettable adventure!


For Haydon paragliding is synonymous with adventure! He has crossed New Zealand by bike, kayak and paraglider or achieved a top ranking at the X-Pyr, a spectacular Hike and Fly race through the Pyrenees. You never know what you get when you book a tandem flight with Haydon – but one thing is for sure – in the end everyone will be over the moon!


Steve loves adventure and suspense! The talented and versatile pilot feels comfortable in every aspect of the sport: be it aerobatics, cross-country flights or hike and fly missions. Besides base jumping and speedflying he gets his adrenaline kick time and again with extraordinary paragliding projects. His next big mission will be to participate in the Red Bull X-Alps, the toughest paragliding race in the world. Flying with Steve is fun, exciting and anything but boring!


Ruben only works as a tandem pilot in Interlaken in summer. During the cooler months he is mainly on the road with his camper and follows wind and water for kitesurfing. However, if he is ever in Switzerland in the winter, it is to go snowkiting or skiing through waist-deep powder. Whoever manages to catch Ruben as a pilot will get an airy sightseeing tour in a class of its own!


Alain flew over the practice slope at the age of 14 in flight school, which was an overwhelming experience for him at that time. Since then he has had many wonderful experiences with his paraglider in the Bernese Oberland. As a passionate amateur photographer, his pictures have already been published by some paraglider manufacturers and magazines. When he is not working as a tandem pilot, he devotes himself to his own business as a bricklayer for customers and special work with wood. Flying with Alain is extremely relaxed, thanks to his calm manner: Pure pleasure!


Res has a wide range of interests. On the one hand, his great passion is paragliding. Preferably a great soaring session, somewhere on a sand dune in Namibia during sunset. On the other hand, he loves working with his huskies at home in the Bernese Oberland, singing in the yodel club and renovating the house. A tandem flight with him is just as varied as his hobbies, is also a tandem flight with him – entertaining and beautiful!


Chris’ great passion are the mountains! You will often find him climbing mountains or ski touring, with or without a paraglider. However, he has proven that he can also sit still for hours. During his longest flight from Riederalp to Austria, he was in the air for a total of 9 hours! Paragliding gives him an absolute sense of freedom! A feeling that he would love to pass on to his passengers during an unforgettable paragliding tandem flight.


During his younger and wilder years, Fred dedicated himself to aerobatics and mastered many a breathtaking maneuver. In the meantime he has calmed down and now prefers a hike & fly combined with sleeping under a canopy of stars. When he’s not in the air, you’ll find him trail running, in his organic garden or behind the screen at his other job as an IT researcher. Whoever flies with Fred is sure to have one thing: a whole lot of fun!