About us

Skywings Paragliding

A success story

When the first tandem paragliders came on the market in the mid-90s, the flight-loving brothers Roli and Stefan Wyss were among the local pioneers, taking off with passengers and soaring through the air high above Interlaken.

As paragliding grew in popularity, they decided to start their own tandem flight company. They brought on board Roli’s wife Michelle, who not only had a large network, but also brought a lot of experience in the tourism industry. The trio wanted to set new standards in safety and professionalism with Skywings Paragliding.

Today, Skywings Paragliding is one of the largest providers of tandem paragliding flights in Interlaken and has already provided thousands of tourists with an unforgettable flying.


Paragliding is an activity that takes people out of their comfort zone. It is our mission to make our guests feel as safe and as comfortable as possible. Although Switzerland has high safety requirements for tandem paragliding flights, we once again raise the standards to the next level with our world-class pilots.

Under the wings of champions

A slogan that reflects the professionalism of our tandem pilots.

Every pilot who flies for us brings a lot of experience and expertise in paragliding and is carefully selected according to an internal procedure. All of them undergo intensive training to become tandem pilots and it is mandatory that they are certified by the Swiss Hanggliding Association (SHPA).

Whoever chooses to fly with Skywings Paragliding can be sure to fly with true professionals! We are proud to have paragliding world champions, extreme athletes, record holders and frequent flyers among our pilots.