Best November Activities in Interlaken

Planning a November trip to Interlaken? Embrace the off-season’s tranquility and explore five enchanting outdoor adventures in the Swiss Alps for a more intimate Swiss experience.

Is paragliding also possible when it rains?

Is paragliding possible in the rain? No it is not, but weather in Interlaken changes very quickly and after the rain comes the sun. Trust the local weather knowledge of our pilots and not the pre-installed weather forecast on your phone.

What qualifies a tandem pilot to fly in Interlaken?

The safety of a tandem flight is als always related to the experience and tentative behavior of the pilot. Only pilots who are licensed and have a lot of experience work for Skywings Paragliding. But what does “licensed” actually mean? We clarify!

Winter paragliding in Interlaken

Paragliding in winter in Interlaken is absolutely fabulous! All wrapped up in cozy clothes, you marvel at the snow-covered Swiss Alps from the air. Everything you need to know you find here.